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Anna Stetsenko

Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D, General and Developmental Psychology, Moscow State University

Campus Affiliation: CUNY Graduate Center

Research Interests: Learning and human development, cultural psychology, education and social theory, subjectivity, collective agency/action and personhood, social change and activism, feminist and postmodernist materialism, dynamic systems theory, situated and embodied cognition, Vygotsky’s cultural-historical and activity theory frameworks

Phone: 212.817.8715


Anna Stetsenko is Full Professor in the PhD Program in Psychology (Head of Developmental Psychology in 2001-2009), with joint appointment in the PhD Program in Urban Education at The Graduate Center CUNY.

She came to CUNY in 1999 with years of experience acquired in leading research centers around the world, including Moscow State University and the Russian Academy of Education, Max Planck Institute of Human Development and Education (Berlin, Germany), University of Bern (Switzerland) and Center for Cultural Studies (Vienna, Austria).

Professor Stetsenko has published widely on cultural-historical activity theory, Vygotskian approach and human development in English, Russian, Italian and German.

Her works have appeared in leading international journals such as Human Development; Theory & Psychology; New Ideas in Psychology; Mind, Culture & Activity; Pedagogies: An International Journal; Cultural Studies of Science Education; European Journal of Social Psychology; International Journal of Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Child Development; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology; International Journal of Behavioral Development; and Contemporary Psychology, among other journals as well as in edited book volumes. She also authored the book “The birth of consciousness” (2005, Moscow) and co-edited Vygotsky’s psychology: Voices from the past and present (2002Nova Science Press).

Prof. Stetsenko serves on editorial boards of several journals, acts as a reviewer for many scientific journals and presents her work at international conferences and other venues. Her recent presentations include a key note at the Northern European Congress on Education (NERA, Iceland, 2013), speaking tours in South Africa (University of Johannesburg and University of Cape Town, 2012) and Brazil (Universities in Porto Allegre, Curitciba, and Sao Paolo, 2010).

Prof. Stetsenko’s work has been supported by grants from various agencies such as National Science Foundation (NSF), Swiss Science Foundation and Jacobs Foundation (Switzerland). Her recent research grant was a two-year exploratory project, entitled “The Scientific Thinker Project,” with Dr. Sue Kirch and Dr. Catherine Milne from NYU. This project involved 3rd and 4th grade students atNew York Citypublic schools in a study that implemented science curricular to engage the students’ thinking about the nature and status of scientific evidence and the process of knowledge construction.

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