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Patricia Brooks

Degrees/Diplomas: PhD, New York University

Campus Affiliation: College of Staten Island

Training Area: Human Development

Research Interests: Language Development; Psycholinguistics

Phone: 718.982.3793

Email: pbrooks@mail.csi.cuny.edu

Professor Patricia J. Brooks received undergraduate training at Johns Hopkins University, where she became interested in language processing while conducting clinical research on aphasia. During her graduate studies at New York University, Brooks shifted her focus to child language development, and conducted research on children’s acquisition of grammatical categories, their tendency to over-generalize grammatical patterns, and their grasp of the meanings of logical terms, such as quantifiers. Brooks enjoyed two-year postdoctoral fellowships at Carnegie Mellon University and Emory University. Brooks joined the faculty of the College of Staten Island in 1997 and the CUNY Graduate Faculty in 1998. She recently co-authored, with Vera Kempe, a textbook of Language Development (2012, Wiley-Blackwell), and maintains an active research program focused on first and second language learning, and atypical language development in children with language impairments and autism spectrum disorder. She regularly teaches Introductory Psychology and Language Development (undergraduate and graduate), and actively mentors graduate students in the Teaching of Psychology.

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