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Herbert Saltzstein

Degrees/Diplomas: Ph. D., University of Michigan

Campus Affiliation: CUNY Graduate Center

Training Area: Human Development; Psychology and Law

Research Interests: Moral development and culture; Children’s eyewitness testimony, parent-child relations, medical decision-making

Phone: 212.817.8717


Born in Brooklyn, I went to Erasmus Hall high school, received my BA in Psychology from Brooklyn College, my MA from UNC and my doctorate in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan, where I worked at the Research Center for Group Dynamics, founded by students of Kurt Lewin. Later, while working as a RA on a research project on parenting and moral development, I became acquainted with and got ‘hooked on’ a developmental approach to social and moral phenomena. I’ve taught at MIT, Sarah Lawrence College, Lehman College [CUNY] and since 1981 at the CUNY Graduate Center. My research interests include: a) children’s and adults’ moral decision-making, especially their eyewitness and cross-race identification, b) children’s and adults’ beliefs in collective punishment in the U.S. and Japan, c) parent-child relations, including children’s judgments of the fairness of parents, and d) moral suggestibility. Some of my research has been done in Brazil.

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