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Colette Daiute

Degrees/Diplomas: PhD, Columbia University

Campus Affiliation: CUNY Graduate Center

Training Area: Developmental Psychology

Research Interests: Social Development among Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts, Including War, Post-War Transitions, and Under-Funded Urban Schools; Uses of Discourse and Technology for Development

Phone: 212.817.8711

Email: cdaiute@gc.cuny.edu

Colette Daiute is Professor of Psychology (Human Development) at the Graduate Center, City University of New York.  Before coming to CUNY, she was a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  Dr. Daiute does research on individual and societal development in extremely challenging and rapidly changing environments.  Colette Daiute’s recent book publications include Narrative Inquiry, A Dynamic Approach (Sage Publications, 2014); Human Development and Political Violence (Cambridge University Press, 2010); International Perspectives on Youth Conflict and Development (Oxford University Press, 2006, with Beykont, Nucci, Higson-Smith); Narrative Inquiry: Studying the Development of Individuals and Society (Sage Publications, 2004, with C. Lightfoot).  Recent journal articles include “Educational Uses of the Digital World for Human Development,” Learning Landscapes, 2013; “Human Development in Global Systems,” Global Studies Journal, 2012; “’Parece que é uma coisa até meio normal, né?’ Análise de narrativas sobre ‘risco’ em creches de favelas,” Educação em Foco, 2012, with Z. Eisenberg and V. Vasconcellos; “Situated cultural development among youth separated by war”, with L.Lucic in the International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 2010.

“The rights of children, the rights of nations: Developmental theory and the politics of children’s rights,” Journal of Social Issues, 2008.  Colette Daiute is Co-Director of Narrating Change Seminar (Center for the Humanities) with Tony Alessandrini, Phil Kreniske, and Svetlana Jovic.

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