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Parents Frame Childhood for the World to See in Digital Media Postings, Ayşenur Benevento.

The College Application Essay Mediating Inequality Along the Path to Higher Education, Ralitsa Todorova. 

Socialization Trajectories of Civic Development: Examining Variation Among Children in Black Immigrant and African American Families, Juliana Karras-Jean Gilles. 

Gendered Expression Online: Exploring Gendered Communication on Facebook and in a Collaborative Editing Task, Christina Shane-Simpson

A Playful Context Enhances Monolingual and Bilingual Preschoolers’ Mastery Motivation and Private Speech, Jeremy Sawyer. 

Parent-Child Dyadic Play and Development, Leah Lax

Adolescent Girls and the Marital ArtsL Potentials for Strength, Power and Agency, Kim Rybacki

Inter-subjectivity and Collaborative Complexity Among Preschool Peers: Relations Between Peer Interaction, Teacher and Environmental Factors in Five Head Start Classrooms, Rebecca Garte

Writing Wrongs and Imagining Change: Educating for Social Consciousness Through a Multimedia Literacy Curriculum, Louise Ammentorp

Ten Fingers and Ten Toes: Mothers of Children with Down Syndrome Constructing the Sociocultural Meanging of Disability and Motherhood, Priya Lalvani

The Life Course Impilcations of Youth-Onset Traumatic Brain Injury in Youth and Early Adulthood, Nina Slota

Youth in Out of Home Care: The Question of Psychological Agency, Lauren Polvere

Developmental Changes in the Use of Intention and Outcome in Eyewitness Identification Tasks, Toni Spring

Towards understanding academic ability: A socio-cultural approach to the development of the concept of academia, Caren Rawlins

Teaching – and – learning as a developmental tool: Collaborative transformations in a child welfare program, Eduardo Vianna

Accuracy and Decision-making Criteria in Cross-race Eyewitness Identification: A More Complex than Expected Phenomenon, Juraci da Silva

Latina Girls and Mothers: The Role of Ethnicity and Neighborhood Factors on Mothers’ Parenting and Girls’ Well-being in an Urban Setting, Angelica Ware

Dynamics of preschoolers’ self regulation: Viewed through the lens of conflict resolution strategies during peer free play, Bernard Polnariev

This machine is mine! Jessica Kindred

Constructing the self as addict: Narratives of recovery and resistance among women in drug abuse treatment, Hilary Surratt

The (trans)formation of illegality as an identity: A study of the organization of undocumented Mexican immigrants and their children in New York City, Jocelyn Solis

Young Children’s Moral and Social Conflicts: The Relationships between Judgments of Matched Practical and Hypothetical Events, Tracey Weber