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Sarah Berger

Campus Affiliation: College of Staten Island

Training Area: Developmental Psychology

Research Interests: Cognitive Development in Infants and Toddlers; Motor Development in Infants and Toddlers

Awards: Fulbright Scholar 2010-11; NSF BCS #1551703 The Role of Sleep in Infant Motor Learning

Phone: 718.982.4148


Curriculum Vitae

My research examines the interaction between cognitive and motor development in infancy. My colleagues and I study cognition-action trade-offs in both experimental and naturalistic contexts to better understand the organization of attention in infancy. We also examine the impact of sleep on motor learning in newly walking infants and the impact of sleep on the efficacy of intervention in premature infants with motor delays. In addition to behavioral coding from video, we also use new technologies, such as head-mounted eye trackers and actigraphy, for data collection.

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