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Herbert Saltzstein

Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D., University of Michigan

Campus Affiliation: CUNY Graduate Center

Training Area: Developmental Psychology; Psychology and Law

Research Interests: Moral development and culture; Children’s eyewitness testimony, parent-child relations, medical decision-making

Phone: 212.817.8717


My BA in Psychology is from Brooklyn College, my MA from UNC and my doctorate in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan, where I was trained at the Research Center for Group Dynamics. Later, while working on a research project on parenting and moral development at the Merrill-Palmer Institute, I became acquainted with and got ‘hooked on’ a developmental approach to social and moral phenomena. I’ve taught at MIT, Sarah Lawrence College, Lehman College [CUNY] and since 1981 at the CUNY Graduate Center. My research interests include: a) young children’s understanding of real-life moral and other transgressions; b) children’s and adults’ eyewitness identification treated as moral decision-making, including studies of cross-race identification; and,  c) parent-child relations, including parents’ beliefs about the goals of parenting and children’s judgments of the fairness of parents, across cultures. (Some of my research has been and continues to be carried out in Brazil and Japan.) My theoretical approach is decidedly developmental.


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