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Parent-Child Dyadic Play and Development, Leah Lax

Adolescent Girls and the Marital ArtsL Potentials for Strength, Power and Agency, Kim Rybacki

Inter-subjectivity and Collaborative Complexity Among Preschool Peers: Relations Between Peer Interaction, Teacher and Environmental Factors in Five Head Start Classrooms, Rebecca Garte

Writing Wrongs and Imagining Change: Educating for Social Consciousness Through a Multimedia Literacy Curriculum, Louise Ammentorp

Ten Fingers and Ten Toes: Mothers of Children with Down Syndrome Constructing the Sociocultural Meanging of Disability and Motherhood, Priya Lalvani

The Life Course Impilcations of Youth-Onset Traumatic Brain Injury in Youth and Early Adulthood, Nina Slota

Youth in Out of Home Care: The Question of Psychological Agency, Lauren Polvere

Developmental Changes in the Use of Intention and Outcome in Eyewitness Identification Tasks, Toni Spring

Towards understanding academic ability: A socio-cultural approach to the development of the concept of academia, Caren Rawlins

Teaching – and – learning as a developmental tool: Collaborative transformations in a child welfare program, Eduardo Vianna

Accuracy and Decision-making Criteria in Cross-race Eyewitness Identification: A More Complex than Expected Phenomenon, Juraci da Silva

Latina Girls and Mothers: The Role of Ethnicity and Neighborhood Factors on Mothers’ Parenting and Girls’ Well-being in an Urban Setting, Angelica Ware

Dynamics of preschoolers’ self regulation: Viewed through the lens of conflict resolution strategies during peer free play, Bernard Polnariev

This machine is mine! Jessica Kindred

Constructing the self as addict: Narratives of recovery and resistance among women in drug abuse treatment, Hilary Surratt

The (trans)formation of illegality as an identity: A study of the organization of undocumented Mexican immigrants and their children in New York City, Jocelyn Solis

Young Children’s Moral and Social Conflicts: The Relationships between Judgments of Matched Practical and Hypothetical Events, Tracey Weber